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Adams History

Adams Elementary has been an institution of learning for Enid students for 100 years. In 1915, across the campus north of Phillips University, was laid the cornerstone of Adams Elementary School. An eight room brick school was constructed. This was with an eye to the future, as only 4 of the rooms were needed for classes. Enrollment in 1915, numbered 184, which was an average of 46 students for each teacher. The school taught students in grades one through eight. Mr. J.H. Colbert was Adams' first principal. Ms Vera Warrick was the second principal in 1916, and she also taught grades seven and eight. Hallie Smith taught grades one and two; Faith Carltaught grades three and four; and Adah Graham taught grades five and six. The Adams' boundary at that time was from 16th Street east to the city limits. The residential area east of 19th street was very sparsely populated. The following year, 1917-1918, Mr. O.M. Russell was principal, as well as the seventh and eighth grade teacher. Hallie Smith continued to teach grades one and two; Vera Manley taught grades three and four; and Adah Graham taught grades five and six. In 1918-1919, two additional teachers were hired, with Mr. L.L. Lounsbury as principal. In 1919- 1920, Mr. J.H. Harmon became principal and the total number of teachers now was seven. Mr. Harmon remained the principal during the 1920-1921 school year and his teaching staff was now eight teachers. From 1921-1926, Adams had Mr. T.E. Taggart as their principal. A reduction in staff occurred in the 1924-1925 school year because of the opening of the junior highs in Enid. The staff was reduced to 6 teachers with an enrollment of 91 students. In 1926-1927, Allegra Ruth McCash Jones became principal and held this position until 1929, when Miss Ether Hinshawe became principal and remained principal for 35 years. In 1929, there were seven teachers and 113 students. The first addition was added in 1937 by Mr. H.E. Cummins & Sons Construction Company. An office, a small music room and three classrooms were added. Another addition was added by the Boehme Construction Company in 1950-1951, which made room for thirteen teachers, including the music teacher. A period of growth followed which soon necessitated another addition. The Eldridge Construction Company added four more classrooms, an auditorium, kitchen, and lounge. The basement hall was widened. This addition occurred in 1955. At this time, the post World War II "baby boom" was affecting school enrollment and first grade enrollment reached 112. In 1964, a four room east wing was added by Carl Watts Construction Company. Adams grew from an eight room, four teacher school in 1915, to an eighteen room, seventeen teacher school by 1957. Enrollment in 1957 was 450 and remained around that number for the next decade. The boundary lines were changed from time to time, as Coolidge School was built at 16th and Chestnut Street. Miss Ether Hinshaw retired in 1963, and was succeeded by Adeline Ray Lizar for the next 13 years. Mr. Robert Woodson was principal for one year in 1977-1978. Mr. Galen Havner served as principal for 15 years, leaving Adams in 1993. Mr. Larry Mendenhall spent the next six years as Adams' principal. Mrs. Helen Smith became the principal in 1999, and remained in that position until the fall of 2002. Mrs. Beverly James was principal from 2002-2016.  The current principal is Mrs. Reba Gregory. Instructional programs and school services change with the needs of the times. In the 1970's a number of special programs were added to serve the needs of the students. At the present time, Adams staff includes 40 certified and non-certified personnel that educate a population of approximately 350 of Enid's finest students. The Flying A's!

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